Inspiration. Photography. Art. Passion.

As much as I can recall my childhood, I have been very close to art, crafts, drawings and sketches, always trying to create something out of anything in front of me. I've been fascinated by colors on the paintings, drawing books, almost any tool available to create some form of art. Art does hold a very special place in my heart ❤︎

Lately I've developed a keen interest in Photography which helped me celebrate art in a digital form. Looking at those colors and my very own fantasy world through the camera lens became my passion and I started clicking almost anything. While some may think it being crazy, I've enjoyed standing for hours on my balcony clicking birds and leaves from the trees - well I wasn't crazy but passionate!By professsion, currently I am working as a Service Manager in an IT firm, making sure I keep my clients happy but when I am done for the day, I usually have a lot of things to catch-up on. I soon realised a need to show what I loved doing the most, what makes me happy, out to the world and share my joy of clicking! This lead to creation of this website as 'Happy Doses' with an aim to drizzle as many drops of happiness out there as I can :)