Inspiration. Photography. Art. Passion.

I believe each one of us have their own little secret corner to hide away from the daily routine, escaping the monotonous - a place so peaceful, dreamy and tuned to your own character.

It could be for someone when they pick up a brush and paint a canvas...or for someone to hit a gym for a great workout session...or for some to spend time with their loved ones...or for someone a place as cosy as a sofa with a hot cup of tea - in every case, this place brings an ultimate satisfaction with revived energy to get back to the real world again!

For me, it comes when I get lost to scribbling. It's a weird feeling, as it comes from within - an urge to pick up a pen and paper and just create something. But I love these pushes from within. Even though I know that I'm not that good to be great, but then the best part is that its my little secret corner where I'm the best at what I do :P

The easiest and quickest option that I've found to curb this urge is to doodle on a sticky note and I've been doing it for some time now. Here are a few of such stickies from my sticky corner...

Are they any good?

Leave your comments and ideas for me to draw to my stickies, or if you want me to draw one for you :) #stickylove!