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Hyper-salivation occurs when there is an excessive production of saliva in one's mouth. One of the reasons for it could be some scrumptious food. Yes, really!

Did you just had a moment of hyper-salivation looking above? Well, I did while writing this post :)

Nothing beats the colourful, mouth-watering, extremely unhealthy but irresistibly delicious Indian street food, Aloo-Tikki.

Staying far from India, I thought my taste buds would soon forget what its like to have the street food, specially from North India, but I am so lucky to have been living in the most diverse city of London where you get everything that you may wish for. I was glad to find an Indian store nearby which keeps stocks and stocks of the ready-to-eat packs from every Indian's favourite Haldirams. It would be a lie if I say that there wasn't a bit of moisture around the edges of my eyes as soon as I saw a pack of eight Aloo-Tikkis :D #truestory

Can't thank you enough Haldirams!!!