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Guessing Italy? You're close!πŸ˜ƒ

Add just another 1500 km to the west from the real Venice of Italy and you arrive to this secret little corner in the heart of London, known as Little Venice.

It's an ideal tranquil escape, an extremely scenic and very picturesque area with tree-lined paths, waterfront eateries and plenty of adorable houseboats.

The lovely houseboats comes in all shapes and sizes, very colourful and undoubtedly attractive, making everyone gaze inside them (which one shouldn't be doing though!) to wonder how to live a life in a floating tiny-house like this one.

Little Venice do attract tourists who are more interested in going to unusual places in London, instead of limiting them to the attractions in Central London. There are many boat rides as well from Little Venice, taking people through the narrow canals, experiencing utter darkness at times.

While there, you'll be sure to see some nature nestled peacefully among the canals including moorhens, coots, tufted ducks, grebes other than the usual swans and ducks.

I really loved how these floating houses were decorated, using every inch of the space with hanging plant pots to really colourful flower vases, resting couches on the terrace and lots of wind-wheels 😍

The day I went was a shining bright summer day in London and on such a day, you're bound to see people walking their dogs out while some of them were lucky to be enjoying a boat-ride like this cute little pup 🐢

I see Little Venice clearly a place to escape the city-menace and do lots of camera clicking. I tried and added some of my best shots of the day to this blog post.

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