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While social life and outdoors starts to fade little by little within the covid era, its more and more important to engage ourselves in some activities to keep our enthusiasms high! It's impossible to leave the reality behind but necessary to also find time for yourself where things were as normal as it was used to be.

For me, engaging in creativity has been an escape to leave behind what's happening around me at least for a while, even if its for a few hours, so to be a little more mindful.

And so one day, looking for this escape, I quilled again :)

This time mindfulness with The Buddha...

So I start with making a template, basically an outline of the Buddha face to then glue with white paper strips to create the canvas to fill with swirls of paper.  

Once complete, it's all about playing with colors and imagination to create Magic⭐ isn't it? So I make paper coils, some orange, some red, some yellow...some tightly coiled, some loose...

Some more teardrop coils of different colors to make a flower pattern and it all started to feel real like a Buddha.

It turned out to be a really beautiful home decor for my wall as well as a constant reminder to me to be mindful 🙏

This time, I also wanted to record how I do it, so here's the like and subscribe for more ❤️

Here's the final image of how it turned out to be. Do you like it? Tell me in the comments section below...