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I am a self-taught photographer, started as a hobby and have been doing it for some time now, and as a hobbyist, it's true that I have started to look out for everything in that specific angle, picturing it as if that moment can be framed. And while at it, I know there are like hundreds and thousands of memories that I have captured digitally by my cam already.

Thinking about the same, I thought I would search out for such opportunities that may help me to show what I love doing out to the world. Like the very best thing to do, I googled and got to know about the London Photo Show. Last year in October, the London Photo Show opened its doors to photographers from all over the world to take part and to display some truly unique and original artwork.

Well, it wasn’t anything less than a dream come true. I never imagined to do something this big, but I am so happy to have so encouraging friends by my side who really helped me prepare for such an event.  

I never imagined how it was to be in a gallery that is so vast, sort of untouched, four-storey building, in its raw state looking like a perfect blank canvas with tremendous scope to experiment and be the perfect background for the varied artwork.

I was so excited for being selected as one of the Exhibitors for the London Photo Show 2018. The feeling was certainly the blend of all the excitement and a lot of nervousness for any first exhibitor who is about to display their content out to so many people, who can understand and appreciate art in this format. I struggled a lot while choosing my favourite pics, but here are the ones.

There is so much that I learnt from the experience and I feel so glad to have done something like this. I look forward to more of such opportunities and with better results :)