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Oh dear! How much have I missed being back to blogging here...but glad that I can finally write and post more pics again :)

So what this little break was about...well A LOT happened in last few weeks - skipping the smaller bits aside, majorly a new house with a new job! Yes, it's never easy making up your mind for both these things - I think its rather a very emotional decision.

Changing a house for me was still ok, as it's not my permanent home here in the UK anyways and it's still the same neighbourhood (glad I considered that!), but the time it takes to detach yourself from memories of even a rented house is so difficult with addition to finding a new one where you can feel yourself living!

On top of it, I made up my mind to move on to a new workplace as well, which again, is nothing easy, especially when you know that you're in a much comfortable routine and to change that would mean juggling with the thoughts of your own Angel and Devil asking you things like "do I really need to change now?", "you can wait for another six months!", "will the new company have what you had here?", "but is it good for your career?"...blah blah!

Trust me, its a battle within. So many things to many many decisions...but in turn it's only easier if you believe that whatever happens, it'll be for the best!

Well, after almost like two months, I'm happy settled in a new house, a new work place and glad that I'm back writing again! I have so many more pictures to share, so stay tuned.

Before leaving, here are some pics from the surroundings of my new work place. The best part about it is that its next to one of my favorite places in London, the Little Venice.