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Following the DIY mania, I've been wanting to pick up a paint by numbers kit and give it a shot. This pandemic and (happily) staying at home actually gave some tidbit extra time and an opportunity to get my very first of such kits.

There are a number of sites selling these with options to even customise your own photographs into a canvas to paint...(definitely something for future!)...but for starters I was looking out for something that's bold and vibrant with as many possible colours - so I got hold of this beeaaauty!

It took me three days to complete it...yup three...with multiple intervals ofcourse...but was so addictive! At times, it was becoming hard to even stop to get some food 😋 well I managed!

It's not that tough as well actually, what you get in the kit is some painting colours with numbers written on its cap, some brushes, a canvas with some numbers printed over then match the numbers together and fill the canvas from the colour tube...and that's all!

I wouldn't have missed creating I gif of the progress and here's one with each shade added...

These days I'm also focusing on getting some videos while I do my art work and painting by numbers is just what you need for a great video. Here's my give it a thumbs up if you like it :)

So, have you done one of such paintings yet? No...? Trust need to get one today! It does take some patience though...but you would feel really proud to be hanging a painting in your house that was done with your own hands!

It's also a great way to escape the world full of laptops and mobiles and netflix and what least for a little while. For me, it took me to whole another zone where I was just craving to add that final black colour and give it life 🎨

Well so this is done...any suggestions on what should I get as the next one? Leave your comments with the same :)