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One of the world's most famous monuments, the pre-historic circle made of stones remains a mystery. Built on the Salisbury Plains in Wiltshire, England, the Stonehenge is believed to be constructed in several stages between Neolithic Period starting 3000 B.C. to the Bronze Age of 1500 B.C.

According to, it lies at the centre of an outstandingly rich archaeological landscape. Many different theories have been put forward about who built it, when and why.

The site holds few bluestones and sarsens brought from far away places supposedly Preseli Hills and Marlborough Downs, each of which are erected using precisely interlocking joints, unseen at any other pre-historic monument till date.

I got a chance to visit this serene place last year to indulge in all the mystery around them which gave me an urge to give the pictures I hoped to click a unique perspective by choosing a monochrome mode on my camera. This post shows some of my favourite clicks.

While others in monochrome, I did click the beautiful bright-yellow rapeseed fields in color.