Inspiration. Photography. Art. Passion.

It's hard to explain the sense of relief, the satisfaction I get every single time I accomplish any art form - be it scribbling, any paper-crafts like origami, quilling or even some visual art of capturing moments through camera.

For me it's one of such things that takes me to this much-wanted peace of mind where everything seems so relaxing and beautiful, definitely far far away from the daily chaos. The time does seem to fly like anything while I'm there though šŸ˜‹.

And yesterday, after dinner was one such lucky opportunity. It's been a few days since I have been getting this urge to pick up a drawing sheet and finally I did and the result was...

Here's the journey...

So, I usually keep surfing the web around some interesting drawing subjects and this owl was the one that I found recently, here.

Next step, I took my drawing sheet and started with the outlining, first with pencil and then with my super-thin tip black marker pen.

I then started off with the patterns using the same thin-tip, but this time a brown marker. I tried following the original image as much as I can, but gave it some tweaks.

And finally some tint of yellow and black to finish this off for those eyes and moon in the back. This time I used pencil colors.

It took me about 1hr 45 minutes to finish this off from start to end including drawing, outlining, adding in patterns and finishing touches. Phew...!

I would love to read your comments, please leave one below if you feel its worthy šŸ™.

Until next time, Hoot. Hoot.