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After the daily chores of the weekdays arrives the beloved weekend...oh my dear weekend :)

As much as it is important for us to have a routine, to stay healthy and to balance out all the work during weekdays, I believe the weekend brings a great opportunity to be a little least for once...every week, to wiggle your imagination. And so this weekend, I looked out to do something which I may not have done in a while.

Pop comes...Quilling! So I decided to twirl my way with the little paper pleats into rings and curves to create a peacock with my choice of pinks and purples to keep it unique.

To start with, I pencil down the shape and start making some impressions on the paper itself so to make sure I stay in the outline that I imagined.

Then I slowly build up the body of the peacock using single colored paper twirls and then popping out its feathers with contrasting shades of pinks and purples.

In the end its really about filling with more swirls and twirls, letting the imagination do its own magic :)

I'm sooo glad I took out time to do quilling, even if it was quite a delicate work with hours and hours to finish making curls for a peacock (I certainly took a challenge for myself there) turned out to be so satisfying! Wonder what should I make next?

Here's the final look...

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