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As this year comes to an end, I look back to my photo collection and recall some of the beautiful places I've been to this year - yes, a very well spent English summer time and I say that proudly!

One one such summer day, I, along with my friends went up the Painshill Park in Cobham, Surrey for a road trip. It was a fun-filled journey of approx. 25 miles from my place, although which hardly felt like an hour-and-half as we had loads to talk and laugh about on our way.

Ok, first, a little history...Painshill Park, as wikipedia describes, is one of the finest remaining examples of an 18th-century English landscape park, designed and created between 1738 - 1773. The 158 acres of the landscape garden stretches along the banks of the winding River Mole on land that has a number of natural hills and valleys.

As soon as you enter the gardens through a little shop and crossing a small walking bridge, you come across a serpentine lake with several islands connected through unique bridges and causeways.

Reading more about its history, it says that at the time of its construction, it was so carefully planned to have specific wood plantings, avenues, tree specimens and decorative features such as an amphitheatre, a water-meadow, a crystal grotto, a Gothic temple, with views of the countryside and a Roman mausoleum, which all still exists till date!

The crystal grotto was restored in 2013 and is another unique construction. It's like a small cave that you enter from one end into a crystal ceilings resembling stalactites, attracting its visitors. At first sight, it didn't seem something made by hand and rather appeared more natural.

It's a very scenic green-pathway for a walk and enjoying some bright sun. We took a little detour to the garden area and had a small picnic with food, drinks and games. The gardens hosts a cafe, which was a perfect place to have our afternoon tea and cake before we head off back for home!

It was such a lovely day spent in the lush green gardens of the Painshill Park and it sure is a great place to hang out with friends.

There are so many more stories and pictures I've to share. Let me know how you find the pictures in this blog below in the comments section. Cheers!