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Three months ago, who would have thought our lives would change this drastically. Everyone around the world learnt a new phrase of 'social distancing' amidst the coronavirus pandemic. From new hopes and resolutions of the new year to keeping others safe by staying at home...things around us have changed SO much so that hardly anyone would've imagined!

Well, since everyone is already so overwhelmed by 24x7 news around the same and various stats and frequent hand-washing, I thought of sending some virtual hugs instead!

Since staying home has added little more time to everyone's life during a day, I believe its a great opportunity for all of us to think about all the things there are to be grateful for. Isn't it a little better now to not rush in the mornings and instead look out of the window for a sunrise, learn and cook some food for yourself (which of course is ought to be delicious...!), listen to music not to kill travel time but to actually listen and dance to it...ah well, these are some of my "sudden-realizations".

For me it has been a struggle to find time to do something I really love doing, one such being doodling. To be very honest, I'm kind of enjoying this extra time to do what I love and so today I picked up a blank sheet and drew thoughts that came to my mind. Of course coronavirus was stuck in there (duh!) but I had this urge to send out some positive thoughts. So I started thinking what all things are there to be happy about? And here are some of the many things that popped up...

That's my list, what's yours? Leave me in the comments :)

Because I started off with virtual hugs, I wanted to end with the same, here's a spooky one!

And remember, THIS too shall pass...just hang in there!