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Another evening with my favourite thing to do :)

I saw the above image of the very majestic Tower Bridge yesterday while going through social media posts on London and I knew instantly that it's something that I would love to put on paper for my collection. So here I go...starting with a simple outlining of the sketch with my HB2 pencil to create the boundaries of the sketch.

Once done, then comes the detailing part. Adding the minor details to the image such as windows, tower panels, railings...certainly the most time consuming!

By this time the drawing sheet is bound to get all dirty and messy, so the best way to bring it back to life is to enhance the edges by a magical touch of a marker pen. Here I'm using my favourite fine-point black marker.

All done with the marker outlines and I sign it to mark its completion..YAY! Lastly, I use an eraser to clear out any pencil marks to make it look neat and tidy.

And here is the final outcome...

It took me about an hour and a half to complete this from start to finish, but was totally worth it :)