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Just another day going through some of the pictures that I clicked in this beautiful city of London and thinking about all the great times while hoping for this "lockdown" to get over (just like any one else!)...I picked up a few black and white shots of this iconic and magnificent cathedral on my various trips in and around the St. Paul's.

I remember the day I went with my cam and clicked a few monochrome shots hoping to create some unique memories. I was lucky enough to have some fast moving white clouds adding a bit of character to the images.

While inside of the cathedral is like overwhelmingly beautiful (no inside photography allowed), the outside views from the top of the dome once you manage to conquer the entire 528 steps are worth every sweat and takes your breath-away!

The first 259 steps leads up to the spectacular Whispering Gallery, which runs around the dome at a height of 100 feet. It's so called because of its remarkable acoustic properties (it's possible to hear a whisper from across the dome's total width of 112 feet). A further 117 steps lead up to the Stone Gallery around the outside of the dome, and a further 166 steps above this is the Golden Gallery for the views.

Even though it had started raining by the time I reached the top, but the London skyline looked absolutely stunning! How many iconic buildings or bridges can you spot below? :)

Back from St. Paul's, I always take the Millennium Bridge which offers great views of the Southwark, London Bridge and the Tower Bridge. The calming river views from the bridge and waving to strangers on cruise boats below is all you need to end a long day :)

I have crossed paths overlooking this cathedral few times in the evening as well while strolling with friends in the past and here a few of captures from my mobile.

Can't wait to be out there again....! Till then a reminder...'this too shall pass' :)