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I surely consider myself lucky to have witnessed one of the most photographed and iconic landmarks of the Dorset Jurassic Coastline through my own eyes! And boy...what a beauty!❤️

Did I just mention Jurassic? You bet I did - all Dinosaurs and stuff...RAWR!!

The Jurassic Coast is a hugely diverse and beautiful landscape underpinned by incredible geology of global importance. In 2001 it was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for the outstanding universal value of its rocks, fossils and landforms. It remains England’s only natural World Heritage Site.

We are looking at coastline created millions of years ago and fossils of strange & terrifying extinct creatures have been found all around the cliffs to prove that it was indeed millions of years ago!

Doesn't it change the way we see the world today? Wonder if instead of the naughty seagulls flying and attacking french fries in your hands, we still had actual Pterodactyls waiting to grab you and eat you alive...OMG!

Okay enough of my fantasy Jurassic movie sequel and back to the beautiful sunny day.

Only a couple of miles of trek and you see the beautiful blue waters of the English Channel and these huge cruise ships coming in and out. A perfect day to spend a picnic with friends and family, while children play around and fly kites up in the sky.

The entire cliff top appears to be engulfed in lush green grass surrounded with the turquoise waters of the English channel making every single photo sort of a picture-perfect-postcard!

I couldn't resist myself from getting more photos of the lovely sail boats gushing and crossing the famous stone arch so very smoothly.

The Arch itself as seen below is really breathtaking! I wasn't prepare to swim underneath it...because I don't know how to swim (lol)...but on a sunny day like this there was literally no scope looking at the masses of people lined up to do a shallow dip and dive. That made me re-think if there was ever a covid situation? Neah...we are all good now! Touchwood🧿

There's a pebble beach next to the arch accessed on foot via a path and hundreds of steps coming down from over the hill. Moving down and you can clearly hear the waves clashing on the after another. It was so soothing to just sit down and relax for a while and do close your eyes and feel the fresh cold wind hissing next to your ear.

The beautiful while chalk cliffs, stood tall and handsome next to the pebble beach below and hold many small caves within themselves. The moment you realise how much more pretty can it get...isn't it?

Well with limited time in hand, I started my journey back home, but not to forget clicking some beautiful village cottages on my way back.

Indeed a very beautiful day spent at one of the most iconic landmarks on our planet, yay!

Hope you liked what you see here and are happy to post a comment to tell me about the best picture of them all! Tada...