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Spread across the fields...full of fragrance and some dew... Those whites, greens and purples...what a beautiful sea of hue...

Well this post has certainly turned me into a poet.

Since I've been in the UK, I've become much fonder of trying something new that I've never done before. One such incredible experience was to visit a field full of lavender wherever you see!

So there are many lavender fields nearby London and I chose to visit the one in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. What a spectacular view really! Miles and miles of lavender rows, allowing visitors to pick their own fresh flowers, can anything get better, fresh and beautiful than this?

And after a while of picking fresh flower stems and smelling nothing less than a lavender myself, it was time to head back for home. But it was great summer-day fun! I hoped for a little more sun to shower its sunshine, but perhaps, something for my next visit to see sunflowers?! Oh yes! I'm sure it would be stunning.

Although it was one of such places with a zillion bees surrounding you, NOT ONE seemed to be interested in humans that day! Well...why would they be? After all, most of them were doped of sucking all the nectar out of the lavender buds, isn't it?

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