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While any plans to visit someplace new are out of the window (at least for now),  it's a good time to relive the memories!

This day, two years ago...I was enjoying a summer breeze in the beautiful city of Bath, 97 miles west from London, a World Heritage Site housing the natural hot springs.

For me this utterly beautiful city tops the charts for a one-day escape from London. There's so much that this place beholds in terms of history, its gorgeous honey-gold Georgian architecture, attracting crowds of tourists all year long. The entire city is easily walkable with pretty cobbled streets and parks for relaxation.

Walking down the river Avon banks and looking at the tranquil water dripping through the steps, was the most peaceful experience for me. One of the exceptional construction on this river is the Pulteney Bridge that holds shops built across its full span on both the sides - I've rarely seen any bridge like this before.

In case you're lucky, there could be a horse carriage passing next to you embarking on full royalty!

Right in the heart of the city, stands tall the Bath Abbey, with so many meticulous carvings for its spectator's eye. I simply loved the angels climbing up the so called Jacob's Ladder - a ladder apparently leading to heaven.

It's best to get a tour guide from one of the many Free Walking Tours within the city to help understand the significance of the various landmarks. While mine was busy telling the stories, I was distracted (in a good way) by the dog on the window of a house next to the Abbey. This became my 'meant-to-be' click, as I was fortunate enough to show this in My First-ever-Exhibition on the London Photo Show, 2018.

Here are some more of my photographs from the day...

With all the walking, it was then time to eat and what better place could it be than the Bath's oldest house! Yes, built in 1482, Sally Lunn's Bunn House was the perfect place to eat the very famous and delicious buns. The place offers a variety of sweet and savoury ones, although I had my heart set on the cinnamon butter absolute delight!

Just before heading back for home, it was time for another stroll next to river to capture some wild flowers and birds.

Bath is certainly one of the most beautiful places I've been to and I just can't wait to get back to this place! Wish things to get back to normal really soon...until then its flipping through the memories via photographs...