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Cambridge, the city of some of the world's best universities, with 31 colleges and diverse crowd of students from all over the world. Well, to be honest, I never imagined myself anywhere near to Cambridge, but my one day visit got me thinking - how amazing would it have been being here as a student!

With its unique architecture, cobbled streets, traditional book stores and eateries, it is just not about history in Cambridge, it's an atmosphere full of energy and innovation around you. With stories of people who discovered the structure of DNA, to Charles Darwin developing the theory of evolution, where Newton developed the theory of gravity to a place where Stephen Hawking of black-hole fame used to live and work. It has certainly been a home to some of the great thinkers for the last 500 years or even more...

There is so much to see, as soon you step down the train station at Cambridge and I along with my friends had a wonderful one-day trip to this university town from London.

The small and historic town centre can only be visited on foot as there are no vehicles that are allowed, but the beautiful river Cam gives an opportunity for the tourists to go Punting in its calm waters while exploring the lovely college campuses and its bridges.

The students from the colleges welcome tourists and often (while not having their exams!) take them on walking tours, talking about history and various discoveries that happened in the college grounds. A good way to earn a bit of pocket money as well, right?!

There are a number of bridges on the river Cam, all built in a unique architecture. Here are a few pics of the very famous Mathematical Bridge - a curvy bridge, built with only straight wood panels and no curves at all!

We couldn't resist ourselves relaxing over a punt, while a punter made his way through the river waters telling us history of the world famous Kings College and Trinity College.

To me, without a doubt, the Kings College stood out among all the beautiful buildings we saw that day as the sun was shining bright upon us reflecting a lush blue sky contrasting the summery green gardens and creating a gorgeous backdrop for a postcard. Here is my favorite click of the day...

Some more clicks on the way from my OnePlus6T...

Walking so much throughout the day, made us quite hungry, but when you're in a town full of college kids, you're sure to find some amazing munching options, so here we to a noodle bar. Believe was as good as it looks!

As we were coming out, I noticed a pink balloon from the window of a building next to Kings College (see below). That's when a student passing by told me that it was in memory of Stephen Hawkings. Not sure if it's all true, but it did catch my eye for a photo stop.

What a spectacular day it was, to explore, learn and get inspired while roaming around some of the world's best known colleges! Felt like being a student again :)

And as always, I can't skip the ducks - they are all around the UK!!! Here are a last few images of a mama duck and its chick who were following us on the banks of the river Cam - gorgeous, aren't they?

Did you enjoy going through the images? Which one did you find the best? Leave your comments as I would love to read them :)